Digital Manager

Direct Hire

Our client, a group of agencies with headquarters in London and multiple offices across the globe, seeks an energetic Digital Manager to develop and manage the teams working on its U.S. digital campaigns.

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Fashion Editor


We’re after a fashion obsessive who sees a bit ahead of the curve, who has a deep and abiding love for pop culture, and who’s able to edit and write snappy, fun copy like nobody’s business. Our client, a major and long-standing player in the media lineup, will soon be launching a site targeted at those in their twenties, and you’ll be covering all things fashion for it.

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Talent Researcher

Direct Hire

We are looking for a Talent Researcher to help find the most creative and ambitious talent for our clients. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get immersed in the many digital industries emerging and flourishing today, as well as gaining substantial experience in recruiting and sourcing.

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Editorial Director, Science and Math Site

Direct Hire

A foundation dedicated to advancing the frontiers of research in basic science and mathematics seeks a credentialed editor to help raise the bar on its website. You must have experience developing content for an academic audience, have a science writing and editing background, and also have a digital pedigree showing that you’ve built audiences around science and math subject matter.

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Vice President of Product

Direct Hire

We’re looking for a seasoned Product Management professional with deep publishing-platform experience to join the team at one of the country’s and the world’s biggest and most respected media brands.

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Senior Vice President of Marketing

Direct Hire

The Hired Guns are looking for a smart, energetic, and financially savvy marketer to become the Senior Vice President of Marketing for our client, a leading FinTech firm that’s been making headlines for over five years because of its revolutionary platform.

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Todd Cherches

15 Fascinating Books to Help You Become a Better Thinker in 2015

Fifteen books that show not only how we think, but also how we can start to think better.

Todd Cherches

Start the New Year Off Right with 7 Simple Productivity and Time Management Tips

In my last post, I talked about the “unmade beds” in our lives. Those messy distractions that drain our energy, keep us from focusing, and stand in the way of getting any “real work” done. But once you’ve made the bed and sat down at…

Todd Cherches

What Making the Bed Can Teach About New Year’s Resolutions and Procrastination

Making the bed’s small and trivial, and it’s easy to put off. But like lots of other examples of procrastination, it can end up sucking away much more time than it deserves.

Lisa Schneider

Use Good UX to Land That Interview

If you aren’t keeping the hiring manager in mind as you put together a job application, then you’re definitely doing it wrong.

Allison Hemming

That Fantastic Jobs Report and What It Means for You

The numbers are in from the Labor Department: employers added 321,000 jobs in November. This is the biggest one-month gain since January 2012, and it far exceeded analysts’ expectations, which was that payrolls would increase by 225,000. Not only that, but the jobs numbers for…

Todd Cherches

Better to Receive: The Benefits of Being More Open to Feedback

Most articles on feedback focus on how to deliver it more effectively, but what about when you’re the one on the receiving end?

Danny Flamberg

Handicapping the Smartwatch Marathon

The competition among smartwatch manufacturers is a proxy battle for who will win at miniaturization, processing, and big-data integration.

Beth Temple

How Consultants Can Make Sure They Get Paid

The biggest hazard in the life of an independent consultant or freelancer is the likelihood that at some point you’ll have a client who won’t or doesn’t pay you. In my 16 years of independence, I have had two clients commit the crime of nonpayment. And just this year, I almost had my third. Having learned from the first two, the last one didn’t end badly—it ended up with the final check. Here’s why.

Todd Cherches

Spanning the Decades: Career Advice for Every Age and Every Stage

Todd Cherches looks at one of the hottest topics of discussion and debate about the modern workplace — dealing with generational differences there. How do we all get along? And how can each of us make sure that our careers are moving in the right direction, regardless of what stage we’re at?

Marc Nation

5 LinkedIn Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

There’s more to building a killer LinkedIn profile than just avoiding the common mistakes. As recruiters, LinkedIn is our first stop when searching for talent, and I’ve spotted five common LinkedIn mistakes that most people don’t realize they’re making.


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Stay tuned for our 2013 schedule of courses!

A brand-new schedule of courses for the creative class is coming soon!

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New York Startup Pitch Night

Startup Pitch Night provides the proven platform for early stage startups to practice and improve their pitch. Our goal is to make it fun to practice your pitch and to have it be in a fun and relaxed, supportive peer-driven environment. Register to practice your…

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The Changing Landscape of Medical Writing Careers

The employment options for professional medical writers have changed to reflect the recent turbulence in the world of pharmaceutical R&D. The past 5 years have seen Big Pharma consolidation, scrutiny of medical and scientific publications, increased transparency and disclosure requirements, and reliance on subcontractors to…

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Haven’s Kitchen Afterwork Special: Cocktails 101

In this tutorial, our seasoned bartender will provide an abridged overview on how to do a professional-grade shaken or stirred drink in the home. In addition, she will provide tips on how to properly stock a home bar. Haven’s Kitchen is a recreational cooking school,…

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Humor Writing One-Day Intensive

Working humor and levity into your writing can give it a lift that seems almost magical — but trying to be funny on the page is also a minefield of opportunities for disaster. This seven-hour class helps writers locate the potential for humor in their…

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Columbia Journalism School: Fundamentals of Data Reporting

This class is designed for journalists on any beat looking to identify computer assisted reporting skills and tools needed for beat, enterprise and investigative reporting. It will focus on the fundamentals of the use of data to create an empirical spine of stories and will…

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Social Media Writing One-Day Intensive

Tell your story more effectively on social media, and harness its power to help you build your platform as a writer, with this one-day intensive course on Social Media Writing. Through a balance of short lectures with lots of writing exercises, the class will cover…

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Columbia Journalism School: Reporting Safely in Crisis Zones

Covering crisis presents some of the biggest challenges in the profession. The wrong move can kill someone, including yourself. Reporters must make quick decisions on whether to trust a translator or drive down a dangerous road. This course will show how to operate with caution…

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Techday 2015

TechDay is a massive science fair for startups. Our 400+ exhibitors have the opportunity to show off their companies to thousands of consumers, the highest caliber investors, hordes of press, the most sought after talent, and the greatest pool of tech enthusiasts looking to celebrate…

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Social Venture Institute / Hudson Valley

SVI Hudson Valley is no ordinary experience: a weekend of profound problem solving, visioning and connecting, all in the inspired setting of one of the world’s premier educational retreat centers. Think of it as an ad hoc advisory board. With depth. For social entrepreneurs and…

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