Subscription Marketer, OTT

Direct Hire

When New Jersey hip-hop group Naughty By Nature released their 1991 hit single “O.P.P.,” do you think they could sense that its catchy refrain would one day be reappropriated as a comment on web-based digital video streaming and its significant impact on the cable subscription market?

It’s definitely possible. Sure enough, tech blogs are using the headline “You Down With OTT?” so frequently that, while we initially chose to use the phrase for the opening sentence of this gig alert, a quick Google search told us that to do so would be a massive cliche. So instead, we’re going with this one: “Top-Tier Reality TV Network/Over-The-Top Subscription Marketing? Yeah, You Know Me!”

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Digital Editor


One of the nation’s top academic medical centers is creating a team of editors to manage content as they completely redesign and relaunch their med school website. If you’re an experienced editor with an understanding of how users navigate the digital realm as they search for information, this could be your next gig.

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Managing Editor, Digital Editorial Operations

Direct Hire

Smart and scrappy. That describes this venerable media company, and it also describes the kind of Gun we’re looking for to fill the role of head of digital ops in the newsroom. If you’ve put in some leadership time in an editorial context, herding cats and making sure the kettle didn’t boil over, and saw that you were good at it, and liked it, and would like to kick it up a notch from there, why, do please read on. You will not be sorry you did.

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Director of Product, Apps

Direct Hire

“Dear Ma and Pa,” you may write someday soon. “Well, I hope you’re sitting down, because you’re talking to the new director of product at one of the biggest media companies in the whole wide world. Well, not talking, because this is a letter. But reading. The words of. Anyways, I hope you can understand just how big a deal this is. Trust me, you won’t need to brag anymore about Pat getting into law school. I know you’re not exactly up on this stuff, so let’s see if I can explain it in a way you’ll understand.”

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Product Manager, Data Warehouse

Direct Hire

Well, there you are, with your fancy degrees and your leadership qualities and your damn-near-unhealthy obsession with data and information – supposing you bring all that to bear as the product manager overseeing the development of a great big old data warehouse for one of the country’s most successful high-end real estate firms? It promises to be challenging, engaging and super-rewarding work.

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Software Developer, Informatics

Direct Hire

Looking for a good place to put your fine, fine software development skills to work? One of the country’s most prestigious medical institutions needs a bright, curious developer work in the exciting and complex field of informatics. This is a highly desirable gig, promising stability, intellectual stimulation and a collegial environment with all the latest tools and techniques at your disposal – the kind of job that really lays the groundwork for a very successful career.

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Senior Product Manager, Apps

Direct Hire

There are media companies and then there are media companies. This client belongs firmly in the second of those two categories. It’s a true behemoth, owning many of the very hottest and most successful properties on television, with a massive digital footprint to match it. And it’s in search of a senior product manager to take a central role in the creation and development of apps for multiple platforms. It’s a rare opportunity to get to work for an already-successful company that’s big and happening and cool, on the vibrant and burgeoning digital side of things.

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New Development Senior Marketing/Brand Strategy Consultant

Direct Hire

We’re in search of a seasoned brand strategist with an unusual combination of creativity and buttoned-up professionalism to drive projects forward as a massive luxury real-estate brand undertakes to overhaul its marketing platform. If you know how to keep budgets and initiatives on track while extracting and contributing the very best ideas, and are ready to be groomed for ownership of your own projects, we need to hear from you.

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Vice President, Marketing

Direct Hire

This nationally recognized real estate brand is super-charging its marketing efforts and is on the hunt for a veteran VP of Marketing to own the creation and execution of its unique marketing program. This is gig for marketer with big ideas and an eye for details: perfect for somebody who can think strategically while operating tactically. Ring any bells? If so, read on.

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Senior Vice President, Digital

Direct Hire

A big-kahuna luxury real estate brand seeks a top-flight digital guru to play a key role in the relaunch of its marketing platform. They’re looking for an entrepreneurial type who breathes digital, and who’s ready to join forces with a spanking-new team of like-minded go-getters to build something new.

Have you been playing the game where the next moves are all laid out for you, and you’re missing out on the excitement of creating something entirely new? If so, this might be your gig, an opportunity to sit at the table with the firm’s key decision-makers and roll out a digital strategy of your own making.

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