Product Director with Strong Audience Development Skills


A major celeb-focused pop culture brand is looking for a Digital Product Director with a killer background in content strategy and audience development for an “envisioning” project. During this full-time, three- to six-month commitment, you’ll get to go from blue-sky thinking to getting down to brass tacks.

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Director, Digital Design

Direct Hire

Are you a smart and swift Visual Designer whose designs excel at giving words, illustrations, and video their due, both on mobile and on the web? Then we have an amazing opportunity, at a digital publisher that’s been doing so much that’s right—they’ve been thriving for over 150 years, making them one of the oldest names in American publishing.

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E-Commerce Marketing Director

Direct Hire

We are looking for a super-organized and energetic E-commerce Marketing Director for a global B2B and B2C e-tailer that’s been revolutionizing the luxury lighting industry. They need an e-commerce evangelist who can break open new opportunities to help them continue their meteoric growth.

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Business Analyst with Project Management Chops


New York’s hottest luxury real estate company is undertaking some new and ambitious technology initiatives, and they need a gifted Business Analyst to help drive these projects to fruition. To get a look here, you’ll need to be an experienced Project Manager with a broad understanding of digital development and the organizational acumen to keep multiple projects on track and on time. Do you fit the bill?

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Visual Designer, Media


Our client’s programming and other content are seen by millions daily. Soon they’ll be ramping up on the production of a new network that could potentially define the future of interactive television. They seek a Visual Designer to help drive the visual experience across all platforms–they need a design as smart and technologically advanced as everything else about this project.

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Product Manager


Our client, whose content is seen by millions of millennials and others daily, is building something amazing—a new network they envision having an unprecedented level of interactivity with viewers. They need a smart product manager who will own the website’s features, functionality, and overall user experience. This is a long-term, full-time, freelance position.

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Senior Yield Analyst

Direct Hire

One of the biggest names in news media is looking for a Senior Yield Analyst to power a rapidly growing sector of its digital advertising business. You will be completely overhauling how this media company manages its media and ad inventory. To succeed here you must be an inventive analyst who can think critically about packaging and pricing a diverse group of ad inventory and also have a knack for turning numbers into a story.

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Design Lead

Direct Hire

The Hired Guns are looking for a Visual Designer for their client, an established and highly nimble and energetic company that’s been getting more and more attention for its nearly frictionless FinTech products, and the innovative ways it has been bringing them to market.

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Project Manager, Media

Direct Hire

We’re on the hunt for an energetic and team-oriented Project Manager who can help produce and oversee the many digital projects underway at an innovative and endlessly entertaining media company that focuses on news and pop culture.

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3 Rules to Help You Declutter Your Career

As a product manager, my job is as much about deciding what features not to put in a product as it is about what features to add. I might even venture to say it’s sometimes more about what not to put in, or — dare I say it aloud — about what to take out. Stakeholders will bristle when their pet feature is headed for the chopping block, but product managers have to press on, because the simplest and most elegant solutions are often the most powerful. The same goes for your career.

You, too, are a product manager. It may not be your actual job title, but you are the architect and manager of your career. And the last thing you want is a 60% bounce rate on your professional endeavors. Here are three rules of product management to apply to your own career.

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A brand-new schedule of courses for the creative class is coming soon!

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Startup Grind NYC Hosts Eli Pariser of Upworthy

Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. Its monthly events, held worldwide, feature successful local founders, innovators, educators, and investors, who come to share personal stories and lessons learned while building great companies. For this event, Startup Grind…

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