House Rules: Commenting on the Blog

We have but one overarching rule for comments: Do not add to the chaos of the universe.

Our new blog is devoted to developing a point of view around the future of work through the lens of the digital creative class. The goal is to deliver some of the best career management writing out there, so that you can take advantage of where work is going, not where it’s been. It’ll also offer an inside look at your fellow guns livin’ the dream and tellin’ it like it is. We encourage you to use the comments to drive conversations to the next level, bounce ideas off our bloggers and each other, and engage in dialogue with your fellow readers.

The one thing that we’ve learned about the DNA of our Guns network is that you are all seriously curious, are great teachers, and are often pretty darn opinionated. We really can’t build this thing without you. Before you set off, guns ablazin’, please read and abide by our very few “house rules”:

1. Disagreement is fine. If one of our bloggers (or fellow guns) gets your goat, say so, but elevate the conversation rather than just offering a rant. Substantiate. Educate. Your words might actually change someone’s opinion.
2. Sign your name. Anonymity makes you a wimp.
3. If you’re just commenting to get your handle out there, please be clever about it. Or witty. We’ll delete unimaginative self-promotion.
4. We’ll also likely delete comments that are vulgar, inadvertently or maliciously off-topic, spammy, creepy or sloppy.

As we said: do not add to the chaos of the universe.

[Image: freakapotimus/flickr]