Bullet Points: TwitPic Wants to License Photos; Intern Flubs; Great Job Ads

  • Popular photo site TwitPic has an expansive user agreement that gives it and “affiliated sites” the right to use or distribute content that people have uploaded. Now TwitPic has signed up a photo agency to do just that.
  • The Vault has 6 ways to make your internship count; taking a darker view, eFinancialCareers gives you a “full list of the fatal errors” that investment-banking interns make. A lot of the mistakes would apply to any competitive, high-pressure internship…
  • Poynter recently held a live chat about the ways that LinkIn can be used both for reporting and for looking for a job in the first place–they are highly related skills, after all. Here’s the transcript.
  • If you really want to make sure you get the most out of the financial investment that you (or someone close to you) may be making in college, then petroleum engineering and pharmaceutical science are the majors to go for. [WSJ]
  • Writing a job description must be hard: there are so many vague or otherwise less-than-great examples out there. Erica Swallow of Mashable has some tips on writing a description that will bring in the best candidates possible.