In the News: Top Gun Allison Hemming Talks About YouTube’s “Joey Quits”

The Hired Guns in the NewsYesterday Top Gun Allison Hemming spoke to about employees announcing that they are quitting in increasingly creative, if not downright showoffy, ways.

The splashiest recent example is Joey DeFrancesco. The 24-year-old’s video of himself quitting his hotel job with the noisy help of his bandmates in the What Cheer? Brigade, a hipster brass band, got nearly 2.5 million views after it was uploaded to YouTube on 12 October.

As Allison said to CNN, “Joey is the hero of all downtrodden workers because he is the embodiment of ‘take this job and shove it.’ He’s living out the fantasies of countless workers who also hate their bosses.”

But since the internet is forever, does this mean that Joey risks being a victim of unemployment for the rest of his life? Find out what Allison and other experts had to say about his chances:
‘Joey’ becomes recession hero after using marching band to quit job

And if you’re contemplating having What Cheer? brighten up your workplace, here’s a taste: