THG @SXSW: Using Content Marketing to Put Brands and Companies on Top

An analyst at Altimeter Group, Rebecca Lieb covers digital advertising and media. For a list of all the Hired Guns presenting this year, check out our SXSW-prep post.

Book Signing for Content Marketing
Saturday, March 10, 1:30
Author: Rebecca Lieb

Why did you want to speak at SXSW?
Content marketing is a concept as old as the hills, but it’s just beginning to appear on digital-marketing radar screens (thanks, social media!). It’s also my passion: I not only wrote a book on it, but also just published a research report about how enterprises are adapting to its challenges. Contrary to popular believe, it’s NOT free!

Who’s your talk for? (Who do you want to show up?) 
Everyone! Seriously, from the smallest mom ‘n’ pops to multinational Fortune 10 companies, everyone can benefit from understanding how content can drive their business and brand forward.

What will people walk away learning from you? 
Why content matters, what content marketing is, the content channels that are increasing in importance, and those that are diminishing (some of this will surprise you), how to get started, and what’s required of an organization in terms of strategy, culture, and resources to succeed in content marketing.

What do you hope you learn from your SXSW experience?
Aside from the quest for the best BBQ? I’m looking forward to meeting new people, drinking in new ideas, and going hands-on with the latest disruptive digital technology.

Any lessons learned from past years?
Pace yourself. You can’t do everything, and you won’t get in to everything. Don’t be too selective or schedule driven. It’s good to have goals at SXSW, but don’t forget that serendipity can be the best part, so be open to spontaneity.

Any inside skinny on Austin (especially its nightlife) that you’d like to share?
The food’s great, the nightlife is great (the music! oh, the music!), the people who attend SXSW are smart and fascinating — what’s not to love?

Any other panels that you’re especially looking forward to?
My colleague Brian Solis is interviewing Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins. I think that one’s pretty high on a lot of peoples’ lists!