Why I Went Out on My Own

There seems to be a series of confessionals going on — one from an ex-employee of Goldman Sachs and another from Google and likely more to come — so I thought it might be the right time for me to join in. This is not a rant. I hope it might be an inspiration.

I, too, had many jobs in “corporate America” and left them. Not because the companies were evil — quite the contrary. I had only good track record of good companies and good managers. My departures were more or less based on my inability to fit into a structure and to play the necessary politics, and a desire to move fast and faster.

Here are just some of the reasons that for the last 15 years (not counting some time for two sabbaticals for “real jobs”), I’ve been loving it on my own:

1) I get to work with great clients who are engaged in their business and in its future. Those relationships have been so positive that many of those former clients are now my friends.
2) I set my own corporate culture — one based on integrity, honesty, and respect. All these things are a reflection of my reputation, which is important for sustaining my business. More important, I hope it instills trust in my clients.
3) My business is my passion, and it’s where I get to exercise my passion: helping companies build strong digital businesses.
4) I have a good deal of freedom. I work hard and diligently, but I also know when I need some downtime, creative time, pause time — and I take it. I’m pretty sure everyone benefits from the balance.

It takes a lot to be out on your own, and it takes a lot to be a good corporate worker. No one should feel so bad about their job or their company that they have to rant about it. It’s okay to not fit in, but recognize when you do and when you don’t. We all spend a lot of time at work — do what you can to be at one you love!

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