The Good Guns: Help the Mammalfish Agency Fund Its Innovative “App Lab”

The Good GunsMammalfish is a Williamsburg, Brooklyn–based digital agency focusing on family and education. They’re hoping to land a $250K grant from Chase Bank and LivingSocial, which they plan to use for a new project: App Lab. It will feature a traveling lab that will provide intensive, three-day app-development workshops for students in lower-income areas. The kids will get a solid intro to the design, development, and business of making apps.

Here’s how to vote for Mammalfish and App Lab:

1) Go to Mission: Small Business and click on “Log in & Support.” By logging in via Facebook, you add $5 to the general grant pool — Chase puts in the $5, not you!

2) School down and search for “Mammalfish” under the “Vote Local” heading. Click “Vote,” and you’re done.

Thanks for helping them out!