Make a Resume Tag Cloud and See What Recruiters See

Resume Tag CloudMost hiring managers and recruiters will only give your resume a few seconds’ attention. Their inboxes are bursting with the things, so time is short. On top of that, hiring managers have their own jobs to do in addition to selecting and interviewing candidates. With so much competition and so little time to make an impact, keywords are critical. One of the easiest ways to see what your resume says about you at a glance is to make a resume tag cloud with TagCrowd.

Copy the text of your resume and paste it into TagCrowd’s text box and hit “Visualize!” Do you like what you see? Are the most frequently used words the ones you want an employer to associate with you? If not, it’s time to retool your resume.

The tag cloud in the photo above is my own resume. It’s close, but not perfect, so I’ll need to do some work. Do you?

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