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How Consultants Can Make Sure They Get Paid

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The biggest hazard in the life of an independent consultant or freelancer is the likelihood that at some point you’ll have a client who won’t or doesn’t pay you. In my 16 years of independence, I have had two clients commit the crime of nonpayment. And just this year, I almost had my third. Having learned from the first two, the last one didn’t end badly—it ended up with the final check.    Read More →

5 LinkedIn Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

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Are you pleased with your LinkedIn profile? Sure, you probably are. After all, you’ve checked all the boxes: photo, succinct summary, detailed job history, etc. You’re even getting a few hits from recruiters. But there’s more to building a killer profile than just avoiding the common mistakes. As recruiters, LinkedIn is our first stop when searching for talent, and I’ve spotted five common LinkedIn mistakes that most people don’t realize they’re making.    Read More →

In Defense of the Feedback Sandwich

fat burgerThe Feedback Sandwich — opening with some positive comments, then your main feedback message, followed by some final positive comments — is a time-tested way of delivering constructive criticism. Some critics think it waters down the message or coddles the recipient unnecessarily. Todd Cherches, however, thinks it’s the best way there is to make the delivery of feedback more palatable. 

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7 Signs That a Layoff is Coming

proceed with caution Sooner or later, you’re going to be laid off. Not because you’re not working hard enough, not because you’re not staying late enough, and not because you don’t do great things for your company and your team. You’re going to be laid off because rapid growth and equally rapid contraction is the new norm for businesses, especially those in the digital world. You can’t prevent it, but you can see it coming.

Early in my career, I was laid off from a publishing job. I should have seen it coming and prepared myself for it, but I didn’t. I was young and naive. I thought that as long as I did good work, my job would be safe. It wasn’t. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to survive multiple rounds of layoffs in publishing and digital. Over time, I learned to see them coming. While that didn’t make them any less nerve-wracking, it did teach me to prepare myself each time for getting the bad news. I know that my number will come up again, and I don’t intend to be caught off guard. Neither should you.     Read More →

5 Salary Negotiation Mistakes That Can Cost You An Offer

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Over the years, we’ve seen many talented professionals climb right up to the very last step, only to slip and tumble all the way to the bottom. 99 times out of 100, this is because they made some rookie mistake during the negotiation process. Here are the five most common — and most deadly — negotiating mistakes made by professionals at all levels. Any one of these will annoy an employer into taking another look at their second choice.    Read More →

Are We at the End of Email?

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You come in, sit down, and log in. Your morning coffee steams while you peruse the dozens of emails that await you. Some are important. Some are even urgent. But most are destined for the trash. You grind through your inbox, replying to some and flagging others for later. And by the time your real work starts, your coffee is cold and you can’t find that one important email your client sent yesterday.

It’s a ritual that millions of professionals love to hate. Mercifully, change seems to be coming. As the boundaries of digital communication mediums continue to blur, email, the venerable staple of businesses the world over, may soon be overshadowed. This leaves many companies questioning, is this the end of email?    Read More →

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