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5 Cover Letter Tips From a Recruiter

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As The Hired Guns’ resident talent scout, I sift through hundreds of cover letters daily. Almost all are bad. There are a few extreme examples; one cover letter featured photos of the candidate on horseback, while another was 27 pages long. Most cover letters, however, are generic, poorly written, or simply ineffective.

Applying to a job with a bad cover letter actually does you more harm than applying with no cover letter at all. So how do you make sure that your pitch does you more good than harm? Start with these five cover letter tips.    Read More →

Are Websites Obsolete?

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Websites, once the stars of the Internet age, are fading quickly. Consumers now engage and interact with mobile apps, social networks, text messages, email, and dynamically loaded loyalty cards much more than they do with brand websites. Even e-commerce sites are losing ground to smartphones and tablets. With their flagship status fading fast, it’s time to rethink everything we’ve learned about the marketing power of the website.    Read More →

The Hell of Networking

All the career manuals say it: to get ahead on the work front, you have to keep expanding your network. But for a lot of women, there’s something about networking that doesn’t appeal. Actually there are a lot of things that don’t appeal, from the difficulty of walking up to total strangers and introducing yourself to the feeling of fakeness networking can sometimes induce – not to mention that many networking opportunities are focused around male interests. That said, there are probably men who also dread networking. But women aren’t doing it to the same degree men are, and when they try, they hit barriers. Women’s careers are suffering as a result.    Read More →

Job Descriptions We Wish We’d Written

Paul Ford just became our favorite internet funny person:

The modern newsroom is data-driven and traffic-driven. That’s why we’re looking for a DATA CHURNALIST. Like John Henry battling against the steam hammer, you will be responsible for tunneling through mountains of Excel spreadsheets and government FTP files to produce at least two dozen articles a day illustrated with pie charts. Also like John Henry you won’t be in a union. The ideal candidate has proven experience in correlating.

These seem oddly familiar, somehow…

It Is Impossible to Believe How Mindblowing These Amazing New Jobs Are via Medium

The Job Market for Recent Grads: A Parent’s Guide

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“Be honest: is my kid totally screwed?”

That’s the question I was asked by a worried father this weekend. He was referring, of course, to his son’s chances in the job market. The kid in question is a recent grad from a very good school who’s now entering the workforce—or trying to. Understandably, his pop is a bit worried. But when I started to tell him that the job market for recent grads was improving and that his kid would be just fine, he stopped me. “No, no,” he said. “I know he’ll find a job. What I’m asking is whether or not he’ll be able to keep it.”    Read More →

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