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Kelly Caldwell: From Freelance Reporter to Noted Essayist and Mentor

In the latest installment of our Community Profiles series, we spoke with long-time gun Kelly Caldwell. A former journalist, award-winning essayist, and current writing instructor and Associate Dean at Gotham Writers’ Workshop, Kelly was kind enough to speak with us about her work and her unconventional career trajectory. Registration for her Essay And Opinion class at Gotham is still open, but will likely sell out soon.

Let’s do broad strokes first. How did you get started as a professional writer?
I always thought I was going to have a career in newspapers. Back in 1995, I landed a really exciting internship at New York Newsday. As it turns out, this was right when they were shutting the paper down.    Read More →

Revive NYC While Networking Your Way Into a New Job

Occupy Sandy Distribution Center at St. Jacobi Church in Sunset Park

Like many offices in Silicon Alley and lower Manhattan, The Hired Guns was closed all last week due to Hurricane #Sandy. The good news is that even through rain, dark of night, and a near total lack of connectivity, our clients kept calling and emailing. We were lucky, because as a team we could work completely remotely (those of us who had power or didn’t have trees falling on our houses, that is). We were also very, very busy.    Read More →

Lies Can Cost You Your Job, Unless You’re a Politician

Can he count on your vote in 2016?

In an editorial yesterday, the Columbia Journalism Review suggested that political fact checking is at a crossroads, pointing out that for all the media’s efforts to keep candidates truthful, the results were “less evident than one might hope.”
In other words, candidates continued to distort, exaggerate and flat out lie, even when they knew they’d get caught.     Read More →

How to Do What You Love, Part 1: The Light Bulb Moment

In the first of three installments, Heirloom Meals founder and former financial services marketing exec Carole Murko talks about the moment she knew going for her dream was the right thing to do. Her Heirloom Meals Thanksgiving Special airs during the holiday week. Check your local listings!

Your Ah ha! moment probably won’t be a dramatic, lightning-strike event like you see in the movies.

At least, it wasn’t for me. I’ve been on a lifelong journey toward my ah-ha! moment. I had a long career in financial services and even earned the coveted CFA. In my heart, I knew from day one that I was on the wrong path. The problem was that I didn’t quite know how to access the part of me that would allow me to be me in a professional capacity. I even remember saying, “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but at least I will make some money.” Don’t get me wrong — I definitely wasn’t just waiting for lightning to strike. I was always taking classes, networking, and just thinking. I knew I’d eventually figure it out.    Read More →

We’re Back, But Some of NYC Isn’t. Here’s How to Help.

NYC transit is slowly creeping back to life (unless you live off the G or L) and so are we. There’s no better way to shake off a week of Sandy-induced cabin fever than helping your fellow New Yorkers get back on their feet after the worst storm since more or less ever. If you’re the helpful sort — and we definitely think  you are — here are a number of ways to help. You can donate your time, your money, or your know-how. You can even help by Tweeting.    Read More →

Reader Poll: Can Marissa Mayer Save Yahoo?

Photo by Brigitte Lacombe

We’ve been watching Marissa Mayer’s executive turn at Yahoo! with interest over the past few months, waiting on the first big piece of news to drop. Yesterday, we got two: the acquisition of the Justin Bieber-endorsed mobile app Stamped and a leaked screenshot of Yahoo’s redesigned homepage.

It’s still unclear how Stamped might integrate within their current offering, but we’re willing to be patient on that one. The screenshot is far more puzzling; it just looks like a slightly shinier version of their anachronistically cluttered mess of a homepage. More puzzling still is how the two might eventually work together.    Read More →

Payback Time: The Recession’s Accidental Upside

A timeless classic.

If you’ve had more work foisted upon you during this recession than you thought humanly possible, raise your hand. Now pat yourself on the back. You’ve made it.

Because you’re a good soldier — and because you wanted to keep your job — you shouldered the burden and trudged along, doing the work of two or even three people (even if you’re top brass). You may have even assumed not only the work of your peers, but of your managers as well. So far, it’s kept a paycheck coming but you’ve earned yourself a few premature grey hairs along the way. But as it turns out, this might be a huge win for you right about now.    Read More →

Todd Tarpley: Digital GM by Day, Children’s Author By Night

In the latest installment of our Community Profiles series, we sat down with Todd Tarpley, longtime Gun, twice-published children’s author, and Digital GM for the Parents Network. Todd’s latest book, Ten Tiny Toes (Little, Brown 2012), was released last month to overwhelmingly positive reviews. He was gracious enough to share his thoughts on writing, kids, and the elusive work/life balance.    Read More →

What We’re Reading: Friday, October 19

Like this, but with more honking and shouting.

Happy Friday, Guns. It’s one of those dreary “Is this London or NYC?” days out there, so let’s skip to the good stuff. Here’s what you may have missed for October 19:

Social media has been around for almost a decade now. There are over a billion users worldwide. 83% of marketers agree it’s important for their business. So why doesn’t anyone know how to measure its ROI? via HubSpot    Read More →

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