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How to Write a Great Resume

The resume is the core of your application materials and is by far the most difficult to construct. That’s why no one likes writing them. Doing it well is hard and time consuming, and there are a million resources for resume guidance on the market, many of them offering contradictory advice. And yet, once you’re done with the resume, it’s pretty smooth sailing. Figuring out the resume – how you’re going to position yourself, how you’re going to spin your story – will inform the rest of your job search and will be a reference point throughout the process. With that said, let’s talk about how to write a great resume.    Read More →

Preparing Your Job Search Toolkit | Day 3

So you’re almost ready to get started applying. You’ve combed the job boards and reached out to your network. You’re finding a number of promising opportunities from both venues, but there’s just one thing: you need a job search toolkit.  You need a resume. And a cover letter. And a LinkedIn profile. And references.

You forgot about the references, didn’t you?

Every year, some pundit makes a grand, sweeping statement like “Resumes Are Dead” or “Why The Cover Letter is Extinct.” These sorts of headlines are great as cynical clickbait, but they’re dangerously misleading and just plain wrong. The hard truth is that you need all four of the aforementioned tools in order to run an effective job search campaign, and it’s best to get them all squared away before you start applying in earnest.    Read More →

How to Determine What Jobs Are Worth Your Time | Day 2

Don't try this at home.In this economy, just showing up no longer counts. Jobs are no longer doled out to the deserving. Instead, they’re given to those that are the most qualified, the best prepared, and who prove that they want it the most.

This is my way of telling you not to start the job hunting process unless you’re willing to make it your relentless pursuit to end up in a hiring manager’s short list — the top three candidates of all the people who applied for a given job — every single time.

Tall order? Maybe. Achievable? Absolutely.

So what can you do today that will make an immediate and positive impact on your job hunt? Start refining the jobs you’re going to apply for.    Read More →

Making the Decision to Find a New Gig | Day 1

Not recommended

Be warned, friends: once you commit yourself to job change, it’s really, really hard to put the “new job” genie back in the bottle.

Once you’re on the hunt, the same-old, same-old of your current job will begin to wear thin and you’ll want out ASAP. Then, with every tweak to your resume, every interview you crush, and every new contact you’ve schmoozed, you’ll find yourself increasingly ready to jump into that sexy new opportunity.

But before you do, you need to be sure that you’re truly ready to pull that rip cord, and that you’re pulling it for the right reasons.    Read More →

28 Days to a New Job: How it Works

The day has come, folks. Every day in February — the next 28 days — we’ll be bringing you tips and lessons designed to completely prepare you for a killer job hunt. If you want to follow along (and you definitely want to follow along), here’s how:

Read each day’s post. If there’s suggested homework — there usually will be — take a crack at it. When you’re done, let us know you finished by posting a comment on our Facebook page or tweeting using our hashtag #NewJob28Days. Tell us how you did. Share what you learned and what you struggled with. Ask us questions. We’re here to help.

Next up: Ally kicks it off with “Should I Stay or Should I Go: Making the Decision to Find a New Gig.”

POV: Weisstuch and Livingston on the Future of Women in Marketing

Julie Livingston

Mad Men’s ratings may be higher than ever, but we all know the role of professional women has come a long way since the 60s. We recently sat down with Melissa Weisstuch, Associate Director of Marketing Communications at Somnia Anesthesia and Julie Livingston, Senior Director of Client Development at CarrotNewYork to learn more about the current state of women in marketing. Both Melissa and Julie are members of New York Women in Communications (NYWICI), a 1,500 member organization for communications and marketing professionals. They were kind enough to give us their takes on the dynamic world of marketing, public relations, and communications.    Read More →

Listomania: The Best Year-in-Review Lists for 2012

January’s coming to a close and most of the big year-in-review retrospectives are all done. From misbehaving executives to edible iPhone cases, here’s what 2012 gave us:

This cat was the biggest thing on the internet in 2012. seriously.

28 Days. 28 Lessons. One New Job.

No cabs in sight.

Last February: 7th Avenue at 23rd Street

On the surface, there’s not much to like about February. It’s 28 cold, grey, dreary days filled with excuses to stay indoors and count the days until spring. Sure, it could go down like that. Or you could use every one of those 28 days to get yourself in gear and finally score that job you’ve been eyeballing since it was t-shirt weather.

This February, instead of hurrying home from work to hunker down with a toddy and re-watch your Arrested Development DVDs for the ninth time, The Hired Guns invite you to invest that time in finding a new job. And not just any new job — the right job. We know you’ve been thinking about it, and next month we’re going to help you. Every single day.    Read More →

The Look Back Strategy: Working Backward to Better Products

As product people who subscribe to a lean and agile methodology, we have a tendency to think in short bursts and only focus on the near term, because after all, things change. Our typical strategizing looks like this:

  • Determine key priorities for the quarter
  • Determine metrics for those priorities; i.e. when we complete the priority, how will we know if we are successful or not? Did we move the business forward?
  • Focus on Priority 1 until it’s complete, and then move on to Priority 2
  • Always be willing to adjust based on user feedback and product discovery (testing ideas, seeing what works, and failing fast to move on to the next idea)

However, the downside of this type of thinking is that you can lose sight of the bigger vision and of the long-term business goals.

In order make sure that we don’t lose track of the bigger vision and make sure that our quarter-to-quarter priorities help move the business forward in the right, I am proposing that we instate a “Look Back” at the start of every year, and check in with it in June to see how we are doing.    Read More →

Why Working Parents Should Be Networking More in 2013 and How to Make it Happen

Working mom

Photo by van city 197

Working parents, I invite you to add another resolution to your list this year: do more networking. While networking is important for everyone’s career, I’m aiming this post specifically toward working moms and dads. Why? Because it’s something we often let slip. We working parents are often so focused on being efficient at work so we can get home to little Oliver or Sophie as early as possible that networking get pushed to the back burner.

Adding a little bit more networking to your routine, however, — or simply having a networking mindset — can add a lot to your career and personal happiness this year.    Read More →

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