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Meet the Start-Up That’s Fixing Health Care

Ron EnglertWhile politicians and talking heads debate the future of health care, one start-up has been busy reinventing it from the ground up, starting with the doctor’s office.

One Medical Group provides the type of health care usually relegated to pricey concierge-style services at a much (much) lower cost. One Medical members enjoy personalized health care through longer visits with their doctors. Members can also schedule same-day appointments and renew prescriptions via a mobile app. To find out more, we caught up with Dr. Ron Englert, DO, one of One Medical’s primary care physicians and the regional medical director in New York City.    Read More →

Why Images Make Us Click

Lascaux Cave PaintingA century ago, iconic newspaperman Arthur Brisbane first told readers that a picture is worth a thousand words. Dear old Arthur didn’t know just how right he was. But the folks at Curalate do.

We all know that images are powerful. They have a singular ability to excite and engage. They start conversations. They spark friendships (and sometimes end them.) What we don’t quite know is why. To find out just what kind of images move us most, Curalate — a visual marketing and analytics firm — studied 500,000 Pinterest images to identify the visual elements that drove the most re-pins. Here’s what they learned.    Read More →

Budgeting for Cash: A Survival Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs

Elaine Grogan LuttrullThis is the final part of a three-part blog series by Elaine Grogan Luttrull, CPA, founder of Minerva Financial Arts, and author of Arts & Numbers (Agate B2, 2013). In her first piece, The Secret to Happiness she addressed the connection between budgeting and happiness. Her second piece, Budgeting for Those Who Would Rather Not, outlined the five-step budgeting process she finds most effective. Here, she addresses the most pressing need: budgeting for plenty of cash-on-hand.

Creative entrepreneurs in any field face a similar challenge: managing cash. Whether we are artists, performers, freelancers, contractors, or simply part-time dabblers, we lack the income predictability and stability of colleagues with more traditional forms of salaried employment.

But even as our incomes may be wildly unpredictable, our expenses rarely are. They occur with the same regularity we’d expect from a traditional employer. Our rent or mortgage payments are due monthly, as are our utility and phone bills. The professional and business expenses we incur while pursuing and completing projects often occur long before we receive the project’s income. And although we have some flexibility when it comes to paying our bills (delaying payment by small increments, setting the date of recurring payments, etc.), that flexibility is hardly sufficient to solve the cash flow irregularities we may experience.

For creative entrepreneurs, building a budget isn’t enough. We also have to tweak the budget so that it will serve as a cash management tool, not simply a budgeting tool.    Read More →

What Rock ‘n’ Roll Can Teach Us About the U.S. Economy

Bullet PointLast week, NPR ran a story about White House economic adviser Alan Krueger’s abiding passion: Rockanomics. Yes, that’s a real thing, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: the economics of popular music. Despite being the least rock ‘n’ roll-looking person ever, Krueger makes some very salient points about how the economy of pop stardom closely mirrors the economy we mere mortals must contend with.      Read More →

More Money. Happier Life. Free Lunch & Learn. Wednesday, June 19.

Elaine Grogan Luttrull of Minerva Financial ArtsOne of the biggest barriers to making the jump from a full-time job to a freelance career is the daunting task of handling your own books. Fears about financial security keeps people rooted in jobs they’re not passionate about. It stifles creativity and squelches innovation. It requires us to prioritize our financial needs over our creative goals.

We think it’s time for that to stop.

The Hired Guns invite you to join Elaine Grogan Luttrull, an expert in helping creatives in every field achieve sustainable and fulfilling financial security, for a free Lunch and Learn session on Wednesday, June 19.    Read More →

6 Rules for Creating Web Properties That Work

Good design is hard.In the beginning there were web pages. Brands staked their claims on the newly invented World Wide Web. Web 1.0 met basic consumer expectations, namely that every brand would have an 800 number and a web page as points of contact.

Web 2.0 was about finding, developing, and embracing interactive technologies to engage customers, prospects, and other constituencies. It was about Flash, bells and whistles, and keeping up with the Joneses. Having a cool website mattered.

Web 3.0 was about business results. It was a phase of encyclopedic websites. Governance was split between marketing and IT. The Holy Grail was a fully realized, multi-dimensional, interactive relationship between a brand and its customer base. Metrics, rather than showbiz, finally began to be important.    Read More →

Hired Guns in the News: Seniority Can’t Protect You from a Changing Economy

The Hired Guns in the NewsOur own Allison Hemming shared some thoughts on the volatility of the current job market with Fortune’s Jennifer Reingold. Here are the tasty bits:

All of this made sense as recently as a decade ago, when there was still some sense of job security for those who worked hard and had successes to trumpet. But now, says Allison Hemming, CEO of digital talent agency The Hired Guns, disruptions and volatility in the job market affect even the most successful. The Department of Labor says that baby boomers now hold an average of 11.3 jobs over the course of their careers. That means that we are all likely to experience several cycles of the three phases — and not necessarily in order. To be successful at every stage, Hemming counsels, you must operate as if you’re in the momentum phase at all times — which means never letting skills decay and always looking to add more. “Momentum has to be about both earning and learning,” she says.    Read More →

How to Overcome Female Guilt at Work

BaggageRecently I was at a conference for female entrepreneurs when a young business owner got up to ask one of the panelists a question: “How do you deal with Mommy guilt?” I wasn’t inspired by the answer, which consisted of the usual fudge along the lines of spending ‘quality time’ with the kids.

I wish she’d said what women need to hear, which is, essentially, “Don’t feel guilty.”    Read More →

Budgeting for Those Who Would Rather Not

Arts & NumbersThis is the second part of a three-part blog series by Elaine Grogan Luttrull, CPA, founder of Minerva Financial Arts, and author of Arts & Numbers (Agate B2, 2013). In her first piece, “The Secret to Happiness,” Luttrull addressed the connection between budgeting and happiness. Here, she’ll outline the five-step budgeting process she finds most effective. Next, she’ll conclude the series with tips on managing cash flow challenges within a budget.

Few tasks overwhelm us as much as budgeting. We worry the budget will be wrong. We fear that we’ll omit some key part that makes it “work” or worse, makes a working budget fail. We cannot begin to summarize our existence in a few key budget categories.

We associate budgeting with guilt. We are bombarded with messages that we “should” budget, track our expenses, and know how much we are spending on our basic needs, our indulgences, and our professional pursuits.    Read More →

Lewis Schiff, author of Business Brilliant, on career security in the new economy

Lewis Schiff, author of Business BrilliantLewis Schiff would like to tell you how to build your personal wealth, and we think you should probably listen. His new book, Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons, destroys common myths about wealth, and explains how legendary entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Suze Orman, Steve Jobs, and Warren Buffett have subscribed to a set of priorities completely different from those of the middle class.

Currently Executive Director of Inc.’s Business Owners Council, Schiff is also the author of The Middle Class Millionaire: The Rise of the New Rich and How They are Changing America and The Armchair Millionaire. He’s a busy guy, but he was kind enough to make time for us.

The Hired Guns invite you to meet Lewis (and us!) at our Business Brilliant Book Salon on Thursday, June 13. Find out more and register here.    Read More →

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