Why Gender Matters in Mobile Marketing

two women texting in soho

According to a Chinese proverb, women hold up half the sky. When it comes to using mobile technology, however, women hold up much more than just half. This infographic from FinancesOnline.com reveals that men and women have vastly different attitudes toward their mobile devices, with women being much more active than men in almost every category of use. Knowing and using these differences can make or break your next mobile marketing campaign.     Read More →

The Future of Marketing is All About Value

vintage coca cola ads

Consumers are presented with as many as 3,000 ads per day. It’s no wonder that they’ve learned to ignore them completely. That’s why the future of marketing depends on ads that add value.

Rather than guessing what a target audience is thinking and doing, marketers can now pinpoint exactly what they’re reading, watching, or buying online. By building sophisticated profiles and personas of discrete audiences, we can create more resonant messages and deliver them at times and places that are integral to customers’ normal behavior. Advertising no longer has to be a disruptive intrusion. Ads can become a useful value-add that inspires purchase and brand loyalty.    Read More →

What Consumers Want from Marketing

vintage photo of a woman looking into a store windowEveryone in marketing is busily obsessing over how the latest devices, technologies, trends, and tactics can help them reach consumers. But there’s not much talk about what consumers want, and even less about their evolving expectations, which — to a large degree — determine how all these shiny new things are perceived.

Consumers’ attitudes about brands don’t change much over time, but the channels they use to interact with those brands evolve. Consumers have existing brand relationships and are generally willing to trade data for convenience, utility, or deals. They expect the brands they care about to care back. Brand loyalists insist that the relationship must be two-way, respectful, and interactive.

Consumers also expect to be heard, especially when they call, click, visit, or buy. To meet and capitalize on these expectations, focus on these three fundamental expectations.    Read More →

4 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2014

Typewriter 2014It’s the end of the year, and every pundit — yours truly included — has an open opportunity to predict the future. For those of us in Adland, the coming year will be filled with new opportunities and challenges. Here are four critical factors that will drive innovations, insights, and interactions for brands, advertisers, and marketers in 2014.

   Read More →

The Publicis-Omnicom Merger: Not Big Data, Just Big Business

Omnicom-Publicis MergerAs a longtime observer of the advertising industry, I couldn’t help noticing yesterday’s announcement that two of the world’s largest advertising agencies — Publicis and Omnicom — were merging into what I can only guess will be called Uber-Omnicom. It’s two old-guard agencies trying to become better equipped to trade in data analysis and automated ad buying. But as much as they’ll tell you it’s about big data, it’s really about big business.      Read More →

4 Ways to Bridge the Creative – Account Divide

"How hard can it be to write copy?"Creative people are the heart and soul of every good agency. They create art in service to commerce. The rest of us just sell it. That doesn’t, of course, mean that savvy account and strategy people can’t make significant — or even crucial — contributions to the creative process. We certainly can. We just have to do it right.

Ideally, account and planning types support the creative team by finding relevant insights, mining customer data, understanding the customer’s journey from awareness to purchase, and by projecting client business goals and communications sensibilities. Ideally, the support team packages all this up as a springboard for the creative, who then internalize the brief and make the magic.

Real life, however, is messier. The dynamic between your accounts and creative teams might be genial. It might also be tense or even hostile. It all depends on how you manage it. A long career in ad land has taught me a lot about bridging that gap and helping your creatives deliver great work, time after time. Here are four strategies I always come back to.    Read More →

Why Images Make Us Click

Lascaux Cave PaintingA century ago, iconic newspaperman Arthur Brisbane first told readers that a picture is worth a thousand words. Dear old Arthur didn’t know just how right he was. But the folks at Curalate do.

We all know that images are powerful. They have a singular ability to excite and engage. They start conversations. They spark friendships (and sometimes end them.) What we don’t quite know is why. To find out just what kind of images move us most, Curalate — a visual marketing and analytics firm — studied 500,000 Pinterest images to identify the visual elements that drove the most re-pins. Here’s what they learned.    Read More →

3 Convenient Illusions: The Frustrating State of Agency Innovation

Don Draper and Roger SterlingFor those of us in Adland, Mad Men is a persistent reminder that not much has changed in our business over the past sixty years (with the exception of all the illegal and non-PC stuff, of course). Believe it or not, agencies are still run pretty much the way they are depicted on TV. Evidently, the great management and technology revolutions sidestepped Madison Avenue.    Read More →

Job Board Shows Why “Life’s Too Short for the Wrong Job”

Whatever you may be doing at the moment, we doubt it’s quite as unpleasant as the job of the woman in this ad, who’s stuck hand-scrubbing other people’s clothes from within the stifling interior of a … washing machine. It’s one of series of clever ads from Jobsintown.de, a German job board.

You can check out the rest of the series at The Collared Sheep.

“The Freelance Shift” Breakfast, May 7

Creative Week kicks off bright and early this Monday (May 7) with “The Freelance Shift,” a networking breakfast and panel that looks at the move away from working as a full-time employee — at least in the advertising and tech industries and related fields. Bklyn Haus hosts the breakfast, which starts at 8:30 am at Galapagos, in Dumbo.

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