Why Do Women Stay in Unfulfilling Jobs?

Woman doing menial workIt’s easy to get comfortable in a job. After all, who doesn’t like a little comfort in a hectic world? But perhaps you’ve stayed too long in one place, even though a small voice in the back of your head keeps nagging that you really should move on. So why don’t you?

It’s not just anecdotal evidence that suggests this issue is particularly common among women (although there’s certainly enough of that). Academic research has shown that when women stay in a job for several years, they’re less likely to leave than a man.    Read More →

How I Changed Careers Without Really Trying

Changing careersWhen I was 25, I was working in marketing at American Heritage magazine, then a division of Forbes. I loved my job. I got to walk through the Forbes Galleries as I came into work each morning. I loved the in-house gym and the occasional trips on the Forbes yacht, the Highlander … but I digress.

But as much as I enjoyed those things, the real reason I loved my job was because it was both creative and analytical. I thought I was on track to be a magazine marketing guru, with a fancy title at a prestigious publication that reflected a personal passion. Life, however, had other plans.    Read More →

Why Images Make Us Click

Lascaux Cave PaintingA century ago, iconic newspaperman Arthur Brisbane first told readers that a picture is worth a thousand words. Dear old Arthur didn’t know just how right he was. But the folks at Curalate do.

We all know that images are powerful. They have a singular ability to excite and engage. They start conversations. They spark friendships (and sometimes end them.) What we don’t quite know is why. To find out just what kind of images move us most, Curalate — a visual marketing and analytics firm — studied 500,000 Pinterest images to identify the visual elements that drove the most re-pins. Here’s what they learned.    Read More →

What Rock ‘n’ Roll Can Teach Us About the U.S. Economy

Bullet PointLast week, NPR ran a story about White House economic adviser Alan Krueger’s abiding passion: Rockanomics. Yes, that’s a real thing, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: the economics of popular music. Despite being the least rock ‘n’ roll-looking person ever, Krueger makes some very salient points about how the economy of pop stardom closely mirrors the economy we mere mortals must contend with.      Read More →

How to Regain Your Confidence and Recapture Your Mojo After a Layoff

Confident Kid is ConfidentI really loved my job. And then my boss walked in one day and informed me that I was being laid off. That was a little over three years ago. There’s a lot more to the story than that, but it’s what happened next that I most want to talk about.

Upon receiving the news that day, I felt confused, disoriented, shocked, lost. It was around 10:00am on a Wednesday morning, and after going to the same office every day for the past three years, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with the rest of my day. Or my week. Or my life. I guess I was just supposed to go home. But the reality hadn’t really sunk in yet, and I wasn’t quite ready to face my wife with the news.

So I left the office and meandered aimlessly up Broadway with no specific destination in mind. Before I realized it, maybe an hour or two, and 50 blocks, later I somehow ended up at 81st Street and Central Park West, right in front of the American Museum of Natural History. So I went in and just wandered around Africa and Asia for a while, then the Planetarium, before settling under the big Blue Whale.    Read More →

It’s All in Your Head: Overcoming the Stress & Anxiety of Negative Thinking

A man suffering from anxiety and stress“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” — Shakespeare’s Hamlet

We can’t always control what happens to us, but we do have the power to control how we think, interpret, and respond.  Irrational thought patterns and overly hasty emotional reactions are among the leading causes of stress and anxiety.

By making ourselves consciously aware of, identifying, and then correcting distorted and/or anxiety-inducing beliefs, we can think and act more calmly and rationally, and ultimately make ourselves less stressed, more satisfied, and happier as a result.

Though there is some overlap among them, there are five types of negative thinking we are all guilty of at one time or another.    Read More →

Monday Bullet Points: No, We’re Not Going to Prank You

Unlike virtually every other site on the Internet today, we’re actually NOT going to pull an April Fool’s stunt. No cats, no fake products, no nothing. We promise. Instead, here’s what’s actually useful on the Web for April 1, 2013:

These Days, Recruiters Are Worth the Money
Metal Mafia founder Vanessa Merit Nornberg was always skeptical about using third-party recruiters. Until she tried one. via Inc.com

The 10 Most-Common (and 10 Least-Common) Jobs in America Today
To no one’s surprise, the most common job in the USA is “Retail Salesperson.” But “Prothsodontist?” Not so much. via The Atlantic

Will the Digital Currency Bitcoin Destroy the State?
Can a “peer-to-peer, digitized crypto-currency” destabilize the state and banking institutions? Probably not, but it’s still a good read. via The Spectator (UK)

Professor Deepak Malhotra Teaches HBS Students How to Negotiate a Job Offer
If you didn’t get enough negotiation tips back in February, then check out this video by Professor Deepak Malhotra, author of Negotiation Genius. 15 sage negotiating tips that work at all professional levels. via YouTube 

Internship Doom: Landing a Full-time Job Without Letting Go of Your Life

Internship Doom

Not all internships include a creepy little dude following you. But some do.

by Tyler Bradford

We recently wrote about how to act (and not act) during your entry-level job, but, admittedly, I skipped a small step: actually landing that first job. Gone are the days when companies willingly hired scores of college graduates, paying them a living wage and starting them on the upward professional track. Twenty first-century twenty-somethings can no longer rely on such linear development, faced instead with such ambiguous prospects as scores of unpaid internships which may or may not convert into full-time employment and companies who simply refuse to invest in the emerging work force.

In this weekend’s Style section, the New York Times featured profiles of several such disheartened young professionals, exposing a life defined by nonfat soy lattes and incessant iPhone 5-checking (this is the Style section, after all). If you’re in your 20s (I am) or care about the state of employment at all, the article might just make you cry. Maybe you’ll want to throw your computer against the wall (not going to help your career). But if you take a second to take some deep breaths, there are actually some key points to take away. Besides, you’re never going to be able to beat the odds if you don’t know what you’re up against (that’s what we tell ourselves, anyways).    Read More →

28 Days to a New Job: Week Four Checklist

February flew by and we can’t believe 28 Days is over. We’ve covered a lot of territory, and all of you should be proud of yourselves with keeping up along the way. The twenty-first century job hunt is definitely manageable, but it also requires hard, consistent work. We’re glad you stuck it out with us, and we hope you’re happy with the results. Before we close the books on an epic month of career navigation, let’s make sure you were diligent to the very end and gave the hiring process the attention it deserves.    Read More →

Five Tips for Entry-Level Job Seekers

One of the most difficult transitions you’ll make in your career is the switch from sheltered academia life into the dog-eat-dog world of corporate America. The Red Bull-powered all-nighters in university libraries and the professional work environment can seem like two irreconcilable worlds, but surely four years and $200k must be worth something more than one line on the resume. Entry-level jobs are also often hotbeds of user error: they’re where we screw up our work the most.

But entry-level jobs aren’t just for recent grads; often when switching careers, we have to restart at the bottom of the food chain to establish a new professional record. So wherever you are in your career, if you’re planning to enter a new industry, here are a couple tips to bear in mind, courtesy of LifeHacker.    Read More →

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