What Marketers Love About AdWords on YouTube

The post below, by the Internet marketer Jacqueline Dooley, previously appeared on her blog, Search. Click. Find.

Last October, Google announced the introduction of TrueView Video ads on its agency blog. This is a format that shows ads in-stream in a YouTube video. The ads are skippable, and advertisers pay on a cost-per-view basis.

FUN STAT: “TrueView in-stream now delivers more than 18 years of video each day for advertisers.” So it’s kind of like an Orwellian nightmare, but in a good way!

Why am I blogging about this now, a good five months later? Well, because the fanfare around TrueView video advertising wasn’t really rolled out with a bang. In fact, it seemed to be just the first step in the YouTube/Adwords migration, because on December 1, 2011, YouTube’s “Promoted Videos” were renamed as “TrueView in-search” and “TrueView in-display” ads. And here’s the thing… that is BIG news!    Read More →

Be Prepared: Marketing Effectively for the “Relevant Web”

As I mentioned in my last post, there’s an ongoing shift toward giving readers a more relevant, adaptive web experience. This trend’s power starts with the fact that it’s beneficial for consumers–and soon this relevancy will be a requirement. For those marketers who embrace the trend, it will also be hugely profitable.

The experiences that a growing Web population expects—on-demand access to content of particular interest to them–will largely shape how people come to accept advertising directed their way. Today, I can set up and read personalized news feeds, follow the musings and links of my friends and colleagues on Facebook and Twitter, and access videos of my choice on Netflix and Hulu. Soon, I’ll enjoy a web experience that doesn’t require me to download or interact with separate sites or applications, each with their own notion of relevancy.

But even in the here and now, companies are learning how to speak (and, more important, be spoken to) in a one-to-one way with customers via social media and other tools. Many companies have someone whose job includes following Twitter feeds that involve their company in order to get real-time feedback. I’d argue that the lessons learned over the next few years will lead to a profound change in the way companies market to their customers–ads will have to become more relevant, conversational, and engaging in order to generate attention and drive action.    Read More →

Storytelling in the Age of Data

Today, as always, a big part of successful marketing is about telling stories that resonate with customers and business prospects. What’s changed is that the method for telling those stories is increasingly becoming based on data. In fact, Google recently started publishing a book (with companion website) on that very subject.

Ask yourself: where has the Internet created real value? It’s mainly been in data analysis. The technology platforms for social media, music downloads, movie streaming, ad serving, and site analytics all generate huge amounts of data. Buried inside this data are valuable business insights, if you can tease them out and package them in a way that people understand. In fact, it’s this move towards data insight and analysis that may end up saving some old-school industries. The New York Times in particular does a nice job showing how the 2011 federal budget is allocated and spent. It’s a lot easier to be shown how much money is tied up in non-discretionary spending than to be told about it, and it foretells the role our most important newspapers may play in the future.    Read More →

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