When the Tables are Turned: 5 Things Boomers and Gen Xers Need to Think About When Being Interviewed by a Millennial

millennial_boomer_interview.jpgIn our last post, we discussed Five Myths About Millennials That Boomers and Gen Xers Need to Let Go Of, and in our previous piece we explored Five Things Millennials Need to Know When Being Interviewed By a Baby Boomer.

Now in this, the third of our four-part series on generational issues in the workplace, we want to flip the traditional hierarchy on its head and discuss the increasingly common occurrence of how (and why) Baby Boomers and Gen Xers need to think, and act, a little bit differently when it is a Millennial who is in charge.

In the old days, positions in the organizational hierarchy were based mainly on seniority and experience, but as we all know, it’s a whole new world out there wherein age and years of experience no longer matter when it comes to who reports to whom.

Last year, I was quoted in this Forbes article entitled When A Millennial Is The Boss, but before Boomers and Gen Xers can even get to the point where you have a younger boss, you need to make it through the interviewing process. And you need to realize that a lot has changed since you first started out.

So with that goal in mind, here are five things that generational expert Brad Szollose and I agree that Boomers and Gen Xers need to think about when being interviewed by a Millennial:    Read More →

5 Things Millennials Need to Know When Being Interviewed by a Baby*

(*a response to Todd Cherches’ column; Five Things Millennials Need to Know When Being Interviewed By a Baby Boomer)

1. Babies can’t understand what you’re saying
You probably can’t understand their questions either. So it doesn’t matter what you say. The important thing is to smile. Every few seconds make a surprised look by opening your mouth wide and arching your eyebrows. Avoid blowing a raspberry on their belly; while fun, it constitutes harassment.
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Five Things Millennials Need to Know When Being Interviewed By a Baby Boomer

Millennials Baby BoomersOne of the hottest topics out there right now is the subject of generational differences in the workplace.

As discussed in my recent post entitled, “Spanning the Decades: Career Advice for Every Age and Every Stage,” four generations – Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials/GenY – currently work together…leading to a variety of commonly-recognized workplace issues and complications.

One of the most common and challenging examples of this is when these different generations cross paths in the job interviewing process. So I am often asked by my clients and my students for tips on how to navigate this treacherous terrain.

But rather than taking on this daunting challenge all by myself, I decided to turn to one of the most prominent experts in the field of generational differences in the workplace: my friend, Brad Szollose, the author of “Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia – Multigenerational Management Ideas That Are Changing the Way We Run Things.”

This post will be the first in a series of co-authored articles on this topic of interviewing across generational lines.

One note to keep in mind before we start: We never want to stereotype people based on their age or generational affiliation (as there are always exceptions to every rule). But, from personal experience and much recent industry research, there are certain trends and patterns that we find out there — and, thus, advice we can offer – that might help you to more successfully bridge the generational divide. And, as this is just two Baby Boomers talking, if you have any additional thoughts on the subject, we’d love to hear insights from ALL generations, so please feel free to dive into the discussion by contributing to the comments section below. With that said, here we go…

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Slow Down! Thinking Too Fast Could Ruin Your Job Interview

thinkerSo, you have a job interview or a big meeting coming up with the boss or an important client. You’ve done your homework and you’re prepared, primed, and pumped up. But have you thought about your thinking speed?

We all know that interviews and high-stakes meetings can be stressful, and when nerves flare up, our tendency is to think and talk too fast, leading to our blowing that meeting that we prepared so hard for.

In his now classic book “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” Daniel Kahneman takes a deep dive into how we think – and teaches us how we can think more effectively. According to Kahneman, one of the biggest problems is that we tend to think too fast.    Read More →

Why You Should Maybe Stop Being Late For Meetings

running lateHow many interviews have we seen go south simply because the candidate was a few minutes late? Far too many. As in, a number you probably wouldn’t easily believe. Yesterday, Gadi Shamia, co-founder and CEO of neat calender tool Magneto, posted a worthwhile piece on the value of, you know, actually being on time to meetings.    Read More →

How to Resign Without Burning Your Bridges

i quit

So you’ve finally landed a new gig. It’s a bright, shiny new challenge and a much-needed change of vista. You’re more than ready to move on to your new job, but there’s a catch: you’ve got to resign from your current one first. How you handle that task will either help you or haunt you in the years to come.    Read More →

A Field Guide to Horrible Bosses

angry boss

Some of your bosses will be amazing.  Most will be mediocre. Your time with the former will go by too quickly. The latter will be easily forgotten.

But the horrendous bosses will haunt you. You’d love to forget them–and God knows you’ve tried–but you won’t be able to. You’ll talk about them in bars with your friends and the occasional patient stranger. You’ll tell your therapist about them. You’ll quit jobs and maybe even abandon entire career tracks because of them. Horrible bosses are forever.

Don’t get burned again. Learn to spot them during the interview process–then run the other way.    Read More →

7 Ways to Hack Your Job Search

vintage photo of a female mechanicYour resume is polished. You’ve been networking like mad. Your interview suit is even pressed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. You’re also completely and totally exhausted. The job search is draining, and doing it right feels like a full-time gig. So why not hack your job search with these seven tips?

1. Search Your LinkedIn Connections’ Connections
Seeing who your 1st degree connections are connected to is a hassle, especially if you’re looking for a possible referral. Instead of clicking and scrolling (and scrolling and scrolling), use this free extension for Google Chrome and search those connections instead. Search by company, title, skill, or just about anything else that might appear on their profile.    Read More →

Grab These 10 Career Apps and Make Your Job Search Mobile

Vintage office phoneMost people think that managing your career means carving out a weekend afternoon and spending quality time with your laptop, grinding away at your resume or scouring job boards. There was certainly a time when this was true. (OK, this was true until maybe about two years ago. You get where I’m going here.) These days, however, you can manage your career from the coffee line or, better yet, from inside one those interminable meetings your boss is so fond of. These 10 career apps can help you find jobs, bolster your network, and develop mobile-friendly personal marketing collateral.    Read More →

You’ve Got 6 Weeks Left to Find a Job in 2013. Here’s How.

Turkey dinnerYou’ve got six weeks left to find a job in 2013. Yes, you read that correctly. No matter how festive you may (or may not) be, vacation time starts November 15. Even though most people won’t start taking time off until the following week, no one is starting first-round interviews the week before everyone leaves.

Then December brings end-of-year meetings filled with annual summaries and budgeting exercises that often threaten to chop any open headcount. The December holidays? Those are a wash.

Unless you’re prepared to wait until the second week of January to start looking again, it’s time to kick your job search into high gear.    Read More →

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