The Job Market for Recent Grads: A Parent’s Guide

will work for cheese

“Be honest: is my kid totally screwed?”

That’s the question I was asked by a worried father this weekend. He was referring, of course, to his son’s chances in the job market. The kid in question is a recent grad from a very good school who’s now entering the workforce—or trying to. Understandably, his pop is a bit worried. But when I started to tell him that the job market for recent grads was improving and that his kid would be just fine, he stopped me. “No, no,” he said. “I know he’ll find a job. What I’m asking is whether or not he’ll be able to keep it.”    Read More →

A Field Guide to Horrible Bosses

angry boss

Some of your bosses will be amazing.  Most will be mediocre. Your time with the former will go by too quickly. The latter will be easily forgotten.

But the horrendous bosses will haunt you. You’d love to forget them–and God knows you’ve tried–but you won’t be able to. You’ll talk about them in bars with your friends and the occasional patient stranger. You’ll tell your therapist about them. You’ll quit jobs and maybe even abandon entire career tracks because of them. Horrible bosses are forever.

Don’t get burned again. Learn to spot them during the interview process–then run the other way.    Read More →

10 Dating Tips to Apply to Your Next Job Search

vintage photo of a bad dateJust like the job search process, dating can be a long dreary slog through a hellscape of unending frustration and disappointment tough. Finding the right one takes work, patience, and a high threshold for rejection. Fortunately, almost everything you know about dating can be applied to your next job search.

1. Applying online isn’t your best bet. Sure, there are thousands of jobs posted online. But there are also thousands of job seekers just like you vying for the posters’ attention. No matter how scrubbed up and attractive you look, or how much you match what they’re looking for, you might not catch a hiring manager’s eye. Networking is always your best bet for finding the right fit.    Read More →

7 Things I Look for When Hiring a Marketing Manager

young girl with a lemonade standRecently, I had lunch with the owner of Digital Instincts, a fantastic digital agency that’s building an app for us at Penton. She mentioned that her young daughter had decided that she wanted a summer babysitting job in a posh neighborhood nearby, primarily so she could take care of kids by a pool. (I’m simplifying, of course, but you get the idea.)

Entirely on her own, the girl created flyers touting her skills and experience and left them at coffee shops and other key locations in the area. Soon after, she got her dream job: caring for three young girls in an Architectural Digest—worthy home with a pool and the rest of the works. My immediate response: “When can I hire her?!”

I’m not looking for a summer babysitter, but I am always looking for marketers with creativity and initiative. Starting there, here are 7 things I look for when hiring a marketing manager    Read More →

7 Ways to Hack Your Job Search

vintage photo of a female mechanicYour resume is polished. You’ve been networking like mad. Your interview suit is even pressed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. You’re also completely and totally exhausted. The job search is draining, and doing it right feels like a full-time gig. So why not hack your job search with these seven tips?

1. Search Your LinkedIn Connections’ Connections
Seeing who your 1st degree connections are connected to is a hassle, especially if you’re looking for a possible referral. Instead of clicking and scrolling (and scrolling and scrolling), use this free extension for Google Chrome and search those connections instead. Search by company, title, skill, or just about anything else that might appear on their profile.    Read More →

5 Signs That Your New Job is the Wrong Job

vintage photo of a woman in jailThe author of this post prefers to remain anonymous.

The first day of any job feels like an exciting new venture — an opportunity to become a new you. That’s how I felt just two months ago. I had scored my dream job at a video tech company that was on the brink of breaking out in the market. I felt re-invigorated and anxious to start a new chapter in my life.

But a few weeks in, something started to stir within — a gut feeling that something was not quite right. My ideas for new strategic initiatives always took a back seat to more “urgent” priorities, conversations in another language (a language I don’t speak) were frequently held in my presence, and decision-making was constantly second guessed by leadership.

Ultimately, I felt ineffective and not set up for the success I had envisioned when I came on board. This was not the role I had agreed to. And it certainly wasn’t the role I was looking for.

Have you ever felt that the job you took might be the wrong job? If you’re teetering, these five signs may indicate it’s time to seriously re-evaluate your new job.    Read More →

THG in the News: Allison Hemming and Ashley Milne-Tyte Lean In

If a company needs you but they aren’t hiring for a role where you can shine, don’t let that stop you from pitching the idea. That’s the lesson that Hired Gun Ashley Milne-Tyte covered in November 10’s Metro. Our very own Top Gun Allison Hemming lent her expertise on the art of pitching a job, making the article a Hired Guns double whammy.

You can read the whole article over at, but here’s a bit to wet your whistle:

Conjuring up the job you want is far more common than some of us may think, but according to Allison Hemming, CEO of placement agency The Hired Guns, you have to be judicious. When you go for an interview, you can’t forget you’re auditioning for a particular spot. “You have to know what the company’s pain points are.” So don’t start by enumerating all the extra things you can do (or would rather do); gain the trust of the interviewer first. Listening to and questioning your interviewer, according to Hemming, “is the most under-utilized skill set when it comes to job hunting.”

Grab These 10 Career Apps and Make Your Job Search Mobile

Vintage office phoneMost people think that managing your career means carving out a weekend afternoon and spending quality time with your laptop, grinding away at your resume or scouring job boards. There was certainly a time when this was true. (OK, this was true until maybe about two years ago. You get where I’m going here.) These days, however, you can manage your career from the coffee line or, better yet, from inside one those interminable meetings your boss is so fond of. These 10 career apps can help you find jobs, bolster your network, and develop mobile-friendly personal marketing collateral.    Read More →

You’ve Got 6 Weeks Left to Find a Job in 2013. Here’s How.

Turkey dinnerYou’ve got six weeks left to find a job in 2013. Yes, you read that correctly. No matter how festive you may (or may not) be, vacation time starts November 15. Even though most people won’t start taking time off until the following week, no one is starting first-round interviews the week before everyone leaves.

Then December brings end-of-year meetings filled with annual summaries and budgeting exercises that often threaten to chop any open headcount. The December holidays? Those are a wash.

Unless you’re prepared to wait until the second week of January to start looking again, it’s time to kick your job search into high gear.    Read More →

How to Ace Your Second-Round Job Interview

Second-Round PanicSo you nailed your first job interview. You prepared ahead of time by doing research on the company, the role, and the hiring manager. You gave a compelling account of your skills and experience, relating each to the hiring manager’s most pressing challenges. You walked out feeling confident that they’d call you in for a second-round interview.

And so they have. Now what?

The first-round interview is a fast, nerve-wracking examination of your personality and ability. The second-round job interview, however, is a different creature altogether. The rules have changed and there are new expectations and challenges. Before you freak out about the next interview (“But I already told my best stories!”), take a deep breath and study up on our handy how-to for acing a second-round interview.    Read More →

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