Bullet Points: When a Resume’s Too Good to Be True

Job Hunting But Feel Like Sloughing Off? Use the Holidays to Your Advantage.

With all the other distractions at this time of year, it can be hard to keep going strong on a job search. But the consultant Lynn Taylor has some compelling reasons why this time of year can actually benefit those gunning for a new job, especially if they’re willing to be a little clever in how they go about their hunt.

Just like that hard-to-take lull in mid-summer, the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s requires a little more patience and persistence when it comes to waiting for people to return calls, take meetings, and make decisions.

And even if you don’t end up with a new job to celebrate exactly when January 1 rolls around, this period is still a great time to revise your resume, dust off your website or Twitter account, and get some good plotting in before 2012 rolls in.

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Visual Bio or Resume

We’d like to welcome Todd Cherches to the blog. As a co-founder of the BigBlueGumball training firm, he has a lot to say about ways to help your career through the power of visual thinking and learning. In his first post, he shows a simple tool you can create to help your job application break through the sea of text that floods hiring managers’ and recruiters’ in-boxes.

As we all know, the traditional resume is an important and essential part of the job search process — a way to efficiently tell your career history on a sheet of paper or two.

But after a hiring manager has sorted through thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of candidates, your text-based black and white resume can easily get lost in the crowd and buried in the pile (“I forget… who’s the guy who used to work for Disney and CBS?”).

This is why I recommend that you consider creating a visual bio or visual resume, a colorful, image-based version of your text resume. It’s a personal branding and marketing piece that you can take along on your interview, use as a visual roadmap to tell your story, and then leave behind. It will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your creativity and help you stand out from the crowd.    Read More →

Bullet Points: the Resume Funnel; “Encore” Careers; A Baby Named “Like”

  • You might think that Facebook or maybe Twitter is the main driver for links, but there’s one ancient (but fast-loading!) site that handily beats them both. According to a recent study, “Facebook accounted for 3.3 percent of the referrals to news sites, but that’s less than half as many as generated by Drudge Report. David Carr of the New York Times has more on Drudge’s amazing longevity.
  • Most of us are likely to be working past the traditional retirement age of 65. NPR looks at the financial pressures causing this as well as how some baby boomers are going for what’s being called “encore” careers.
  • A batty Facebook-worshipping couple in Israel named their daughter “Like.” It’s better than “Unfollow,” we suppose.
  • CNN looks at the modern hiring process, using Siemens as an example. Hiring managers are looking for reasons to eliminate resumes from consideration, and modern technology helps with that: “[Using LinkedIn, we] can go from 100 million to 100 or 10 [candidates] fairly quickly,” said Mike Brown, Siemens’ senior director for talent acquisition.

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