5 Salary Negotiation Mistakes That Can Cost You An Offer

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Over the years, we’ve seen many talented professionals climb right up to the very last step, only to slip and tumble all the way to the bottom. 99 times out of 100, this is because they made some rookie mistake during the negotiation process. Here are the five most common — and most deadly — negotiating mistakes made by professionals at all levels. Any one of these will annoy an employer into taking another look at their second choice.    Read More →

Salary Negotiation Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare

Nail Biting“What’s your desired salary?” Few elements of the job search create as much fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and unadulterated panic as those four little words. At The Hired Guns, we’re always coaching people on salary and benefits negotiation. A large part of that process involves dispelling rumors and disabusing professionals of the terrible advice they’ve accumulated from friends, family, and fevered Google searches.

Negotiating your salary at a new job doesn’t need to be frustrating or confusing. It doesn’t need to involve white-knuckle terror or lying through your teeth. When done right, it’s a simple, straightforward process that leaves both sides of the table satisfied.    Read More →

28 Days to a New Job: Week Four Checklist

February flew by and we can’t believe 28 Days is over. We’ve covered a lot of territory, and all of you should be proud of yourselves with keeping up along the way. The twenty-first century job hunt is definitely manageable, but it also requires hard, consistent work. We’re glad you stuck it out with us, and we hope you’re happy with the results. Before we close the books on an epic month of career navigation, let’s make sure you were diligent to the very end and gave the hiring process the attention it deserves.    Read More →

Salary Negotiation Isn’t Just About the Money

Let’s be clear. If I took a poll of all the students I’ve worked with and asked them why they signed up for my How to Negotiate Your Salary Like an FBI Agent class, the number one reason would be: “I want to make more money.” But when I talk to them after the course and ask them what they took away from it, they tell me so much more.    Read More →

Job Hunting: How to Negotiate Vacation Time

Jim Hopkinson, our Salary Coach, is back to help you stay productive as well as get paid — this time he covers questions from those who want a decent amount of time off as well as a good salary — a sometimes-thorny proposition.

If someone already knows the salary range being offered and is thrilled with the amount, but wants more vacation time instead of more $$$, would a company be willing to give someone 10/12/14 days more vacation time (over what’s standard for a new hire) over the person negotiating/asking 10K-20K more in salary? I assume the company always expects someone to counter-offer their first offer?    Read More →

The Salary Tutor Answers Your Questions

Last month, Jim Hopkinson taught a Hired Guns Academy class about negotiating your salary effectively. He’ll be teaching for us again, but until then, you can still learn from his ample experience. Below, he answers questions from the Hired Community about dealing with counteroffers and other potential salary complications.

I have an exciting new job offer and am in a bit of a quandary. I want the new job very badly but wish that the base were a little higher. Even though I desperately want out of my current company, I was thinking about going back and asking for a counteroffer so that I can get a bump from my new company. Good idea?    Read More →

Salary Questions?

Quick reminder:  Jim Hopkinson’s Hired Guns Academy class on becoming a salary negotiation rockstar is next Wednesday, March 21 — and he’s taking your salary questions via email in the meantime.

Here’s a sample of Jim’s often counterintuitive advice on getting the salary you want and deserve:

THG @SXSW: Salary Negotiation Secrets No One Ever Taught You

In preparation for next month’s SXSW Interactive, we’re profiling the Hired Guns who will be presenting. Up for today is Jim Hopkinson, the Salary Tutor, who will cover something very near and dear to our heart — getting paid what you deserve.

Salary Tutor: Become a Salary Negotiation Rockstar
Saturday, March 10, 12:30
Presenter: Jim Hopkinson

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I’ve attended SXSW the last three years, and have thrived off of the energy, the people, and learning about “what’s next.” I wanted the chance to give back to others. Since I love to speak and had something to talk about this year, I applied and got accepted.    Read More →

The Salary Tutor: Did Your Co-worker Steal Your Raise?

Jim Hopkinson, the author of Salary Tutor, is writing a series of post designed to help you negotiate during some of the most important — and stressful — points in your career. A slightly different version of this post appeared on Jim’s website.

Did a co-worker get to that raise before you?The person sitting next to you at work has been acting peculiar. Nothing dramatic . . . after all, you’ve shared the same workspace for years, worked on several successful projects together, and survived a round of layoffs in 2009, coming out fine on the other side.

But it’s the little things . . .    Read More →

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