THG@SXSW: Last Day to Vote!

Last week, we told you about our very own Allison Hemming’s SXSW panel “Corporate Alums: Why Big Companies Invest in Ex-Employees.” The panel is an in-depth look at the future of corporate alumni networks and features some of the best minds in the field. This week, we find ourselves in the home stretch as voting at ends at midnight tonight! (Friday, August 31) We’d love your support! If our panel interests you, vote! (With only hours left, there’s no time for subtlety.)    Read More →

THG @ SXSW 2013: The Future of Corporate Alumni Networking

SXSW voting is upon us and we need your help! The Guns’ panel, “Corporate Alums: Why Big Companies Invest in Ex-Employees” is up for voting over at and we’d really appreciate your support. Our panel, headed up by yours truly, is all about the increasing role that corporate alumni relations is playing and will play in the future of professional networking. My fellow panelists are amazing (and humbling) and head up the corporate alumni networks at companies like Morgan Stanley and IBM. Find out more after the jump.    Read More →

SXSW: Should You Stay or Should You Go Next Year?

Conferences are a tricky thing. There are so many of them, especially in the fields of digital media, marketing, and advertising, that it’s hard to know which ones are worth it. But what about SXSW Interactive, which earlier this month unleashed a vast stream of tweets, articles, posts, press releases, and controversy, including the question of whether or not it even still matters and an example of a social good gone bad? If you’ve sat out SXSWi so far, you might be wondering if all the chatter means that it finally jumped the shark.    Read More →

THG @SXSW: Using Content Marketing to Put Brands and Companies on Top

An analyst at Altimeter Group, Rebecca Lieb covers digital advertising and media. For a list of all the Hired Guns presenting this year, check out our SXSW-prep post.

Book Signing for Content Marketing
Saturday, March 10, 1:30
Author: Rebecca Lieb

Why did you want to speak at SXSW?
Content marketing is a concept as old as the hills, but it’s just beginning to appear on digital-marketing radar screens (thanks, social media!). It’s also my passion: I not only wrote a book on it, but also just published a research report about how enterprises are adapting to its challenges. Contrary to popular believe, it’s NOT free!    Read More →

THG @SXSW: Keep Your Best Talent on Your Side

In the Q+A below, Allison Hemming explains why it’s a mistake for companies to manage as if their top talent is going to be working directly for them forever, or that the relationship must end once they take a new job. Check out our SXSW-prep post for a list of all Hired Guns presenters and events, along with links to more profiles.

Manage With Care: Employees Are Your New Clients
Saturday, March 10, 11:00

Book signing
Saturday, March 10, 11:45

Presenter: Allison Hemming

Your Twesume
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Top Gun at The Hired Guns, the best darn digital talent agency in NYC. Still trying to still change the world, one career at a time.

Why did you want to speak at SXSW?
I’ve gone to a bunch of conferences this year on building startups, and everyone from VCs to CEOs complains about the same thing: finding great talent. I have a POV on how to fix this, and it’s not the obvious choice.    Read More →

THG @SXSW: Crafting “Content” to Be Proud Of

Below is a profile of Jordan Burchette, one of the many Hired Guns presenting at SXSW this year. Check out our monster SXSW post for a list of other presenters and events, with links to more Guns Q+A’s.

Enlightenment Through Unemployment
Saturday, March 10, noon
Presenter: Jordan Burchette

Your Twesume
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Writer, editor, and cultural relic, with stops at,,, and, following the occasional layoff,

Why did you want to speak at SXSW?
Mostly so I could say that I spoke at SXSW. But also to make a vain attempt at advancing the cause for quality content on the web.    Read More →

Getting Ready for SXSW?

A work-in-progress list of links and other info to get the most out of Austin… 

All The Hired Guns participating this year, with links to the Q+A’s we’ve done with them:

Noah Scalin
Unstuck: Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing
Friday, March 9, 3:30
Book signing: 4:05

Todd Henry
Book Reading and Discussion
Friday, March 9, 4:00    Read More →

THG @SXSW: Helping Cancer Patients Connect with Each Other

In the days leading up to SXSW Interactive, we’ve been looking at the Hired Guns and Hired Guns pals who will be there. Up today: social-media innovator and “wannabe entrepreneur” Brandon Lee:

Social Networking: Giving Cancer Patients a Voice
Monday, March 12, 3:30
Presenter: Brandon Lee

Your Twesume
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I’m a wannabe entrepreneur and I like to get my hands into everything. I studied journalism and web and graphic design at TCNJ. I am a black belt in tae kwon do and a drummer.

Why did you want to speak at SXSW?
I wanted to speak at SXSW to see how the bright and creative minds reacted to my nonprofit. I also know that SXSW is a very popular venue so I wanted to speak about social networking for cancer patients to as many people as possible. Cancer in general is a topic which is extremely important to me and has changed my life.    Read More →

THG @SXSW: Stand Out (in a Good Way!) in the Workplace

In the days leading up to SXSW Interactive, we’ve been looking at the Hired Guns and Hired Guns pals who will be there. Up today: co-author of Be Your Own Best Publicist, Meryl Cooper:

Mentor Session
Saturday, March 10, 11:00

Book Signing
Sunday, March 11, 2:30

Your Twesume
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Author/BeYourOwn @BestPublicist & PRGal w/12+yrs of exp promoting ppl/places/prods. Spare time=producing films & eating/drinking around NYC

Why did you want to speak at SXSW?
I’ve always enjoyed attending SXSW — and now I’m excited to share the tenets of “Be Your Own Best Publicist” as part of its new mentor programming.    Read More →

Headed to Austin for SXSW?

How to Speak at SXSW 2012Howdy Guns,

Are you heading down to Austin for SXSWi? If so, let us know! We’ll be getting together for some informal networking over that weekend, March 10-11, and we’d love to connect.

Just email us and tell us what day you’re getting there and what day you’re leaving, and your name and Twitter handle. We have a Twitter list set up for all the Guns — we’ll add you to it so that we can find each other on the fly. Last year I was able to find great panels based on the tweets of other Guns.

See you in the Lone Star State!

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